IT for Change / JNC Intervention at NetMundial

The following text is a (slightly corrected) excerpt from the session transcript.

My name is Parminder Jeet Singh, and I come from IT for Change and I
also speak for the Just Net Coalition.  The first point is that the document
lacks reference to the word "democracy" or "democratic."  There is no
reference to these words while "multstakeholderism" has been spoken
of about 15 times.  It should be recognized that multistakeholderism is a
subsidiary principle to the larger principle of democracy.  And this word
"democratic" and "democracy" should  be included in the document as
many places as possible preceding the "multistakeholder" part.
The second part is that we should reference the WSIS documents, WSIS
outcomes of the WSIS ‐‐ the summit, two summits, which I think would
mitigate  many  concerns  that  it  is  a  kind  of  new  start  and  many  of  the
words are out of context.   If we reference WSIS outcomes, that would
make  things  much  more  balanced.    And  it  should  also  be  done  in  a
forward‐looking  manner  by  referring  to  the  WSIS  +10  process  that
outcomes  and  the  processes  from  here  should  feed  into  the  WSIS  +10
And  a  separate  point  that  WSIS  +10  processes  should  be  participatory
and inclusive from agenda setting to the outcome.   
Third  is  that  the  role  of  stakeholders  was  an  issue  Jeanette  raised.    I
would prefer to include the language which says different stakeholders
are  different  roles  in  different  situations,  whether  we  refer  to  Tunis
Agenda or not.   
And  I  would  agree  to  the  language  used  by  the  Vice  President  of
Technology  of  the  European  Commission  talking  about  general
multistakeholderism  and  role  defining  being  important.    One  of  the
specific  outcomes  from  process  could  be  to  call  for  a  meeting  on
democracy, multistakeholderism, and role of stakeholders.  And I think
that  is  one  issue  which  is  a  smoke  screen  or  a  roadblock  to  discussing
many  other  issues.    So  we  should  call  for  a  separate  meeting  on  that
particular issue.  Thank you.