Delhi meeting 2014

Just Net Coalition was formed, and the initial text of Delhi Declaration adopted by acclaim, at a global meeting of civil society actors which took place in New Delhi on 14th and 15th of February. Please find the list of attendees appended below.

S. NO Name Organisation Country
1 Sivaldo Pereira Da Silva Intervozes Brazil
2 Sally Burch Alai Net Ecuador
3 Felicity Ruby ThoughtWorks USA
4 Mishi Choudhary Software Freedom Law Centre USA
5 Roberto Verzola P2P Foundation Phillipines
6 Norbert Bollow Free and Open Source Software Switzerland
7 Josh Levy FreePress USA
8 Youn Jung Park SUNY Korea
9 Jean Christophe Nothias Geneva Global Switzerland
10 Bruce Girard Foundacion Comunic Uruguay
11 Sean O Siochru NEXUS, research cooperative Ireland
12 AHM Bazlur Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication Bangladesh
13 Leanne Sajor Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development Thailand
14 Julia Reda Young Pirates of Europe Germany
15 T. Rajamoorthy Third World Network Malaysia
16 Michael Gurstein Centre for Community Informatics Research Canada
17 Richard Hill Association for Proper Internet Governance USA
18 Louis Pouzin Savoir Faire and Eurolinc France
19 Chantal Lebrument EUROLINC France
20 Vinod Pavarala University of Hyderabad India
21 Vivekanandan NALSAR India
22 Kappoori Madhavan Gopakumar Third World Network - International India
23 Neville Roy Singham ThoughtWorks USA
24 Parminder Jeet Singh IT for Change India
25 Prabir Purkayastha Knowledge Commons India
26 Bhairav Acharya Centre for Internet and Society India
27 Kiran Chandra Free Software Movement of India India
28 Arjun Kant Jha Consumer Unity and Trust Society India
29 Vidya Venkat Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative India
30 Latha Jishnu Downtoearth India
31 Alex M. Gakuru ICT Consumer's Association of Kenya Kenya
32 Maria Mello National Forum for Democratization of Communication Brazil
33 Geeta Hariharan Centre for Internet and Society India
34 Rishab Bailey Independent Legal Practitioner India
35 Praveen Chandrahas Swecha, Free Software Movement of India India
36 Siddhartha M. Swecha, Free Software Movement of India India
37 Pratap Reddy Swecha, Free Software Movement of India India
38 Cynthia Stephen Mahila Samakhya India
39 Anita Rampal Delhi University India
40 Rajen Varada Open Knowledge Community  India
41 Osama Manzar Digital Empowerment Foundation India
42 Prashanth Sugathan Software Freedom Law Center India
43 Manicandan Our World is not for Sale India
44 Matt Simons ThoughtWorks USA
45 Anita Gurumurthy IT for Change India
46 Gurumurthy Kasinathan IT for Change India
47 Abhilash Babu ActionAid India
48 Urvashi Sarkar ActionAid India
49 Benny Kuruvilla ActionAid India